Black Arrow announces 28nm 64Ghash Bitcoin ASIC as low as ...

1TH/s Mining contract 4 Month period - Black arrow LTD is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Size, Share & Trend | Industry Analysis Report, 2023

Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Size, Share & Trend | Industry Analysis Report, 2023
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market
The Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market report 2019 supplies a comprehensive and skilled study on the state of the worldwide industry together with sales forecast and landscape, and share 2023. This Bitcoin-Mining Machine report segmented the industry based on manufacturers(price, sales, revenue, and global market share), regions, type, and application.
Subsequently it studies the crucial global Bitcoin-Mining Machine region requirements, for example, price, profit, capacity, production, capacity use, distribution, demand and industry development speed, etc. This report presents a 360-degree overview of the competitive situation of the Global Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market.
Major key-companies of this report: Antminer, ASICrising GmbH, Bitmain Technologies Ltd., BIOSTAR Group, BitDragonfly, BitFury Group, DigBig, Ebang, Gridchip, BTCGARDEN, Butterfly Labs, Inc., Clam Ltd, CoinTerra, Inc., Black Arrow, Btc-Digger, Gridseed, HashFast Technologies, LLC, iCoinTech, Innosilicon, KnCMiner Sweden AB, Land Asic, LK Group, MegaBigPower, SFARDS, Spondoolies-Tech LTD, TMR
Access Exclusive Free Sample Report:
The report enlightens the clients with the unique industrial and government strategies required for the global market success. The Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market report introduced analysis, investment feasibility, and SWOT analysis. Besides, this intelligence study focuses o the latest events such as the technological developments and the product launches and their consequences on the Global Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market.
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Based on Types: ETH Type, BTC Type
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Based on Applications: Enterprise, Personal
Use Corporate ID to avail Discount on this Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Report report:
Regional Analysis For Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market
North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, and Italy) Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia) South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.) The Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa)
What Will You Find in the Report?
  1. An in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin-Mining Machine market across regions – North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central, and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.
  2. Market predictions by 2023 of the mentioned niches, sub-sections along with sections.
  3. Detailed Overview of Bitcoin-Mining Machine market will help deliver clients and businesses making strategies.
  4. How consumers (end-users) will reflect on the Bitcoin-Mining Machine industry during the forecast period
  5. Which region may tap the highest market share in the coming era?
  6. Emerging key segments and regions.
  7. Key business strategies by major market players and their key methods.
  8. Supply series trends mapping technological advances.
Get Full Report Description, TOC, Table of Figures, Chart, etc. @
The Bitcoin-Mining Machine market mentioned in the report has all the informative necessary details such as the economic tactics, product supply and demand, applications, future forecast, and growth and development factors mentioned in a positive outline. The topological bifurcations are also a market growth benefiter that the current Bitcoin-Mining Machine market plans to strategically use to gain dominance.
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Beginner's guide to Myriad Mining 4: Raspberry Pi edition

Beginner's guide to Myriad Mining 4: Raspberry Pi edition!
Part 1 - Mining Myriad with your Desktop PC (CPU) is here:
Part 2 - Mining Myriad with your NVIDIA GPU is here:
Part 3 - Mining Myriad with your AMD GPU is here:
-A Raspberry Pi
-Keyboard, mouse, network cable
-A PC for the wallet
-SD card (8 GB+)
I'm personally using a Pi 2, however I'd be interested to know if there are hurdles/hashrate differences with any of the other Pi models.
I also have a few Pi heatsinks on order, and it seems you may even be able to overclock your Pi for this - I'll have a look into this and report back if there is any interest in running the Pi mining, overclocked with a heatsink. Commonly these machines are used to control Bitcoin ASICs, so this should be interesting!
N.B. Some of the initial steps are similar (or even identical) to the earlier guides. I recommend reading through it from start to finish, even if you think you're far ahead of me - sometimes there's a simple error that can be corrected by making sure all the steps are done in order.
  1. Get your wallet: Click on one of the following links (or if your computer cannot run the first) to download the Myriad official wallet. Install it on your PC, follow the setup instructions, then click "receive". Enter a label and press "request payment". This will be your wallet address for your Pi. If you did this for the CPU, AMD, or NVIDIA mining guides, you can do it again - there's no harm in knowing exactly where the payments are coming from, and there's no limit to how many addresses you can make to request Myriad. I'm talking about "request payment" - you only need one wallet application!
  2. Sign up for an account on a mining pool that takes Myriadcoin - Yescrypt. "Yescrypt" is the code that allows your Pi to search for coins on the network, and should only work with a CPU (central processing unit). The one I've been using for my guides is . Once you sign up, click "Myriadcoin - Yescrypt pool" on the left, then click on "workers". Add a new worker - I called my first one CPU1, CPU2 etc for each new CPU, then Pi1, Pi2 etc for each Raspberry Pi. Password doesn't matter. In the difficulty box, you can put "sd=0.01" for a Pi 2 - thanks smatdesa , however sometimes just leaving it to auto-adjust can work better.
  3. After this click "wallet" on the left. Enter your "payment address" from step 1 and your PIN, as well as "20" for automatic payout of coins you mine, so you see some coin in your wallet every day or two. Please note, some pools charge a fee for this. 0.1 is the fee for my pool, and I'm happy to pay it to have the coins safely with me, as I don't donate - I have far too few Myriad to do so.
  4. This is where the guide diverges from the previous guides. If you're following along at home, this is a good place to start if you're in a hurry to get mining.
  5. Download Raspbian from this link: and click on "download ZIP under "Raspbian with desktop"(let me know if the link changes!). Whilst this is downloading, grab yourself a copy of 7-zip from ( for 64-bit and for 32-bit ). If you don't know what "32-bit" or "64-bit" means, that's okay - generally, 64-bit should work fine.
  6. So, let's continue getting software ready. Install 7-zip by double-clicking on your downloaded file. Also grab yourself a copy of Etcher - for writing our Raspbian to our Pi SD card from this linK: . Click "download for Windows x64". If this one doesn't work/install, click the little arrow to the right, and click "Etcher for Windows x64 (32-bit) (Installer).
  7. Now, with all of the required software in place to install Raspbian, let's write it to our SD card. Double click your Raspbian-Jessie .zip file, and drag the .img file inside into a foldeonto your desktop. After it extracts, open up your copy of Etcher, and click "select image" - pick the .img you just dropped. Select your SD card be careful here! make sure it's actually your SD card and click Flash.
  8. Start your Pi Once this is done, plonk your SD into your Pi, connect power, keyboard, mouse, and HDMI, and watch the pretty lights flashing! The next step is acquiring the mining software to get your Pi mining. On the desktop, which has a lovely picture of a road and some nature, if that's your thing. But we're here to get mining! Click on the fourth icon from the left (default) - Terminal - a little icon with a window and blue menu bar . You're presented with a CLI (command line interface) in lovely black and green.
Type the following into your CLI:
git clone
This should echo the following: "cloning into 'cpuminer-multi'...", and could potentially take a while - on my Pi 2 running Raspbian Jessie, it took me somewhere along the lines of half an hour for this step alone. You should end with "Checking out files: 100%" or something along these lines, and be returned to your blue $ CLI prompt. Next command is as follows:
sudo apt-get install automake autoconf pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libssl-dev libgmp-dev make g++
Hit "y" at the prompt to begin installation of the required packages.
The **next command happens to be the simple build command:
All done. Make yourself a cup of tea, and feel excited that your Pi is doing a thing (compiling). The next thing you know, it's all complete, and you're left staring at your lovely blue $ prompt. So let's get it working!
cd cpuminer-multi
This will get you into your folder. The following command should get you mining happily (yes!):
cpuminer -o stratum+tcp:// -a yescrypt -u username.workername -p x -t 4
Explanation: We are using cpuminer to connect to the mining pool we joined in step 2. -a yescrypt is the algorithm we are using, username is the user name you joined the pool with, workername is the worker we added, all in step 2. -p is your password (it shouldn't matter - you could potentially put myriad2them00n, but let's not complicate things), and -t 4 is the number of threads - you can experiment with this, depending on your Pi - for my Pi 2, I get the most submitted shares with 4 threads.
Mining speed: To give you an idea of my experience: if you lined up 15 of these, all overclocked to 1 GHz, they would produce around the same hashrate as a modern i5 laptop (1.5 kH/s).
And that's it!. Shout out to smatdesa, who got me excited about working on this guide! Please post any new configurations, questions or comments below! Happy Myriad mining. And if your 3,166 Raspberry Pis are burning rubber and overflowing your coffers with XMY, or you just like what you see here, I'm humbly accepting: Donations (XMY only please):
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An important piece of advice to mining shibes

Hey shibes!
I know that there have been advances made in dogecoin miners, ASICS, etc, fairly recently. I'd like to give you guys a heads up on a fairly serious issue that has arose on the bitcoin-end of things as far as ordering miners, particularly preorders.
Let me start off by saying that I mine mainly Bitcoin. Around February, a company called Black Arrow offered preorders for a new miner that ran incredibly fast and was extremely cheap for the price. I had heard people say to be very weary of preorders due to the BFL incident, but I decided to invest in one of these anyway. After shipping costs, it came out to just above $400. Also, I ordered through a US reseller called Minersource who has contracted with Black Arrow, who was China/Hong Kong based.
So we waited for shipping which was only a short time away. Every week there were production updates, which were slowly pushed later and later in the week. Issues were found with the miner, and things needed to be fixed. It was supposed to be a plug-and-play miner, with wifi, LCD, the whole works. It seemed that each week a new issue was found that pushed shipping off a little more. Support tickets were filed with little to no answer, and people began to get angry.
Now it is July. Black Arrow is just now beginning to ship their miners, incomplete and not to spec as they were advertised. Difficulty has increased to the point where the miners are now obsolete and will not reach a ROI. People are livid.
TL;DR: Company advertised a great product. Product created was not what was ordered. Product wasn't shipped until after it became obsolete and people lost a lot of money.
Now that I've told my tale, how does this have anything to do with dogecoin? Because ASICs and such are so new for doge, I don't want any shibes to run into this issue.
Do not pay money for a pre-order for any miner. No matter how great it looks.
A lot of people were caught in this mess with Black Arrow, and they have lost so much money. Some people tens of thousands of dollars. The people who ordered directly from Black Arrow are left in a horrible situation where they wish to sue, but either cannot afford it or cannot due to jumbled up international laws. If a class action lawsuit was formed, the company would most likely dissolve and close its doors with no one receiving a dime. Luckily, because I ordered through Minersource, the US reseller, I have a little more protection on a refund, and had put in a request as of last night. Hopefully my ticket will be processed soon. I hold no ill will towards Minersource, as they have been put between a rock and a hard place, and hopefully they will make the best of a bad situation.
I beg you shibes, heed my warning and learn from my mistakes. Don't allow yourself to be fed lies and get scammed. Order items that are already made and in stock. I know there are predatory companies/people out there, and I could easily see something like this happening with the production of a dogecoin miner.
If you see something like this, be weary and let a fellow shibe know the risks. We have to look out for each other. :) Best of luck to you guys!
EDIT: I just received a reply from Minersource stating that they are no longer refunding orders. Looks like this shibe will be talking to her lawyer. sigh
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Black Arrow announces delay for Prospero X-1, X-3 and Minion cloud mining orders

Unfortunate news, though props to them for being transparent about the delivery delay:
"We have to inform you that our schedule to manufacture and assemble the system has been disrupted and we are unable to make delivery of the Batch 1 Minion ASIC chip on the initial scheduled date (end of February). We are now expecting to dispatch all Batch 1 orders on 1st of May 2014.
Please be re-assured we are confident that we have tried our best to accomplish our initial ambitious targets. However, we came to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of our customers to delay shipping in order to ensure that the product provides the best-possible user experience.
Without this delay we would have achieved 1.5W/Ghash which would have meant that our chip would not have been competitive at all.
We have now finalized the design process using our newly improved code and will start manufacturing the chip (tape out) in the next few days.
We are happy to announce that Black Arrow Software’s products remain on target for being the best in their class for power consumption. We confirm that our latest improved design has the following technical specifications:
·0.75w/Ghash on TT corner @ 25C which is expected to run at 120Ghash/sec.
·SS corner will be 0.6w/ghash and will run at 100Ghash.
·A further underclocking and underpower should be possible and should yield 80Ghash @ 0.5W/ghash. However, please note that this is not guaranteed to work stable.
Please note, that a further push for improvement in the optimization process would have guaranteed further delays for at least 1-2 months.
It is no secret to us that the Bitcoin mining process is proving to be more and more difficult every day. To compensate our loyal customer for the unforeseen delay of in delivering our miners for batch 1, we are happy to offer free extra hashing power which consists of 25% of your purchased hashing power from our Rent-Some-Minions cloud program for 4 months.
The account for the tape-out has been settled in full and we are confident that the delivery will be completed shortly.
We are taking all the necessary measures and positive actions to expedite delivery to you as soon possible and we are confident that we have the resources to be successful.
Please note:
·We estimate that the delivery for the Batch1 will coincide with the delivery of the Batch2
·The delivery of Batch2 remains unchanged
·The one-off offer presented above is open to the customers who placed orders for Batch1
The Black Arrow Software Team"
EDIT: I received an e-mail message on 01/31 seemingly agreeing to provide me with a refund if I wanted one, less a $50USD service charge. They also asked me to consider waiting a few more days while BA explores alternatives to the 25% bonus compensation they previously offered. I assume nearly everyone who has complained recently received a similar message.
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I want another asic miner, but I really don't want to buy from BFL again. What are some legit alternatives?

I ordered a 5gh/s miner from BFL last april -- it has shipped today..well I think it has, it doesn't say "processing" anymore on the order page, it says "fufilled". Anyway. I have always loved the idea of distributed processing power, and bitcoin is very interesting. I would like to purchase another asic eventually but I do not like the time it takes for BFL to actually ship a product, it's kind of ridiculous if you're watching the difficulty rate on a weekly basis. I was looking at black arrow and other alternatives, but I don't know what is legit and what isn't. I know there are a few scammers out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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BlackArrow Softwares tells customer "online profitability calculators are wrong"

This is originally posted on Bitcointalk forums here:
Posting this on behalf of a friend who choses to remain anonymous, after hearing this story and reading the email they sent - I am shocked and disturbed:
Dear ____,
The Batch 1 is about to be dispatch May and your order is entitled to the Improved Delay Compensation as explained further below:
The delay compensation of 25% hashing power + 10% discount is to be enjoyed by the Batch 1 orders.
The 25% Free Hashing power for 6 months is to be enjoyed this way:
If you have processed orders before 1st of January 2014 in our system, you will be granted 25% bonus to your original order hashing power. If you had order for 2 TH/S, you will receive 500GH/S hashing speed bonus for 6 months, at May 2014. If you have total bonus over 1 TH/S you will be able to login to your miner and set it up to desired pool by yourself.
If your bonus consists of less than 1 TH/S hashing power, we will set up one of our miners to mine with the speed assigned for your bonus. You will be able to receive payout to the wallet specified by you.
We will provide information regarding bonus hashing power in advance.
The discounts are to be enjoyed this way:
The 10% discount is for all Black Arrow ASIC products that you will purchase from us. The discount will be valid for you to enjoy at any further purchases for the next 22 months (until the end of 2015). BUT take note, that the 10% discount will be available for all future products, that means products starting for Batch 3.
Currently we have 15% discount active for all products on our website; however, after shipments of Batch 1 and Batch 2, discounts will be removed and then, that is the time you will be able to use and enjoy your personal 10% discount. There is a system restriction that would not allow us to combine orders, since shipment queuing is based on the date of the order's full purchase payment.
Also to share with you some point of views of people who has a strong faith in the bitcoin world, kindly click on the following links -
Why is the Bitcoin Price So Weak? -
Why Bitcoin crashed and will rise again -
The Coin Summit
We trust that Bitcoin mining will be profitable in May as well or all the Bitcoin mining will stop. We trust bitcoin to stay for good not just as a new found purchasing technology but its buying powers too. A good site as an example of how strong the bitcoin industry is currently and still on its rise, is The online profitability calculators are wrong just because nobody in the right mind will keep doubling the hash rate of the network every month if they are loosing money. The hash rate of the network will keep growing only if the bitcoin value goes up again. For this reason and because we provide the lowest prices possible we do not think that our miners will have a negative return of investment. Looking forward to mining with you soon! Please feel free to contact us anytime for further questions, thank you.
Best Regards, Sylvia
Ticket Details Ticket ID: CST-519-86*** Department: Other Type: Issue Status: Closed Priority: Critical
What do you think? Please post your comments below:
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Black Arrow Prospero X-1 (the good, bad, and UGLY) BlackArrow Prospero X-3 Unboxing ビットコイン採掘機 Black Arrow Prospero X1 Unboxing - Part 1  Bitcoin Weekly Show Black Arrow prospero x3 bitcoin miner relocation and power usage Black Arrow Prospero X-3 Miner Working!

Black Arrow Software: 14nm Bitcoin Asic August 30, 2014 International Kommentare deaktiviert für Black Arrow Software: 14nm Bitcoin Asic 29/08/2014, Shenzhen, China; Black Arrow, a Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, announces that it has been working towards building its next generation Bitcoin ASIC since the tapeout of its last ASIC (March 2014) and it has now set a tape-out date: December 2014. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Gold:Bitcoin Core Developer Reveals 'Critical' Bug in Bitcoin CashBitcoin Gold Project blackarrow bitcoin Plans to Fork Bitcoin Again on October 25Buy 120 gad income Black Arrow Prospero X-1 Asic Miner 100Gh/s at The OnlyWorthPointwhat is bitcoin cash vs bitcoin. BlackArrow Prospero X3 ASIC Bitcoin miner It is taking pre-orders for Mining Machines and its Bitcoin ASIC codenamed "the Minion" 29/08/2014, Shenzhen, China; Black Arrow, a Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, announces that it has been working towards building its next generation Bitcoin ASIC since the tapeout of its last ASIC (March 2014) and it has now set a tape-out date: December 2014. This new Bitcoin ASIC will use the 14nm FinFet process and the power consumption target is 0.3J/Ghash at chip level. After the recent launching of the Prospero Bitcoin mining machine and the ASIC “the Minion”, the company Black Arrow is currently in the center of attention. The brand, founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, has established its presence in China and now wants to conquer the rest of the Bitcoin world. After spending some timeRead More

[index] [46212] [42682] [40679] [23452] [33457] [27737] [10979] [35799] [38904] [17230]

Black Arrow Prospero X-1 (the good, bad, and UGLY)

BlackArrow Prospero X-3 Unboxing ビットコイン採掘機 Long waited unboxing whitch took over 7 months in delays ... this is a review of the Black arrow software Prospero x-. I go over the pros and cones. I also take a moment to talk about the issues we have had with the co... Bitcoin Mining stand Alone Black Arrow X1.5 - Duration: 1:05. The Angry Hornet C7 1,105 views. 1:05. Black Arrow prospero X3 setup new mining rig 1.1 TH/S - Duration: 3:22. ... Black Arrow prospero x3 bitcoin miner relocation and power usage ... All ASIC Miners Review For 2018 - Duration: 10:13. How Much? 54,959 views. 10:13. Is Mining on ASICs Worth It? - Mining ... Black Arrow prospero x3 bitcoin miner relocation and power usage - Duration: 6:55. One Up The Sleeve Customs 1,555 views. 6:55 . Black Arrow Prospero X-1 (the good, bad, and UGLY) - Duration: 23 ...