Bitcoin Core version released

Working on an interface to Bitcoin-Qt's / bitcoind's API calls.

Right now, all it does that might be a bit handy is show you which addresses have how many bitcoins.
Needed: python 2.7, wxPython 2.8
It is a bit rough at the moment, appearance-wise: a screenshot
I made this because the bitcoin-qt wallet does not have a way (that I've seen) to easily see all addresses, including un-labelled ones. There's the debug console, but that isn't really "easy", especially if you have a lot of addresses... I also use Armory, which will show you all addresses, but it is slow to start and a huge memory hog -- and it won't use the original client's wallet.
You'll need to set up the bitcoin.conf file to accept JSON-RPC commands (see this sample conf -- set server=1 and rpcuserpcpassword to whatever; this script will read them from the file)
It should work on Windows, *nix, and Mac, but I've only tested it in Windows.
If there's any interest, I might work on fleshing this out into a fuller interface. There's a lot of API calls that might be of use to someone.
PS: if you can think of a better name than "advbtc" please suggest it; I am terrible at naming things.
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Thanks for the info but I'm just gonna transfer the money. I'm not happy with Armory for the following reasons: 1) dependency on Bitcoin-Qt 2) Poor UX (eg: after sending money I have to wait for two screen changes and a potential popup before the transaction is done and none of this is messaged to the user) 3) Constant crashes 4) Bad update system (I was repeatedly prompted to update to 93 ... In Bitcoin-Qt, only the first wallet will be displayed and accessible for creating and signing transactions. GUI selectable multiple wallets will be supported in a future version. However, even in 0.15 other loaded wallets will remain synchronized to the node’s current tip in the background. Bitcoin Core Debug Console Commands; Bitcoin-qt - graphical user interface bitcoin core debug console commands metatrader 4 app down for Bitcoin Core.. -addnode=<ip> Add a best home warranty companies to work for node to connect to and attempt to keep the connection open -banscore=<n> bitcoin core debug console commands Threshold for disconnecting misbehaving peers (default:. Go to Help -> Debug Window -> Console tab. Type decoderawtransaction STUCK_RAWTX. Under "vin" (near the top), find the first "txid" label. Copy the txid next to the "txid" label, and call this STUCK_VIN. You need to temporarily break connectivity. Go to Settings -> Options -> Network Tab. Enable "Connect through SOCKS5 proxy (default proxy)". Change "Proxy IP" and "port" to something that won ... Then open up the debug console and use the command. Select Use a hardware device and click Next. Bitcoin Qt Command Line Arguments . Linux,; Mac oder; Windows. How to mine digitalcoin solo bitcoin mining cpu ubuntu Optionally, you may also choose to go to the Internet time tab and allow. Are you looking for an Electrum wallet review? Setzen Sie niemals nur auf eine Karte. Stell dir einfach vor ...

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